About my Music

About My Music


Experimental Audio

For some time now, a part of my creative outlets has experimental music. I'd say my first real attempts at recording my experimental music came around 1987 or so, but my first experiments happened at a fairly young age when I'd play with a multi band radio my parents had in the kitchen. I was completely fascinated with the sounds, voices, noises I could get on the short wave radio channels. I recall that I would actually "play" the radio as a DJ might scratch a record—creating a beat or rhythm. 

In grade school I remember that I would check out records from the library. Usually they'd be from bands I had heard on the radio, but often I'd check out classical, strange & dark operas, and early experimental music. I first learned of John Cage from the library, when I was in grade school. Kind of crazy to think of that!

Truly alternative music attracted me. I began listening to punk and new wave around sixth grade in 1976, and by high school was hearing a lot of stranger experimental and early industrial. 

My first music was made on a Casio CZ-101 synth and a cassette deck... single track. Later I shared a friend's 4-track recorder and we created some dark experimental ambient pieces together. My "bands" over the years have been solo or with one or two others: Bleeding Nun (an obvious early industrial era inspiration), Agony Column, Burning Tree, Xerst, and Conflagration of Souls. Conflagration of Souls had been my solo project since about 2005 to 2017. My evolving project is now called Defocused.

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