Spring Sale at School Days Antique Mall!

Spring Sale at School Days Antique Mall!

There is a spring sale at School Days Antique Mall starting this Saturday, April 22nd, and it runs until May 5th. Discounts range from 15% to 75% depending on the dealer. (And you can bet I'll be checking out the dealer who is offering a 75% sale!)


Vintage Schwinn Bike, Books, and more

I've added a funky old Schwinn girls bike to my booth at School Days Antique Mall. It appears all original and has a nice patina to it. Fixed up it could make a nice rider, or leave it as is to use it asa piece of decor in a cafe, pub, studio, loft... or find a cool basket for it and stick it in the garden as yard art!

I also brought in a few old hardcover books including a 1st edition of The Exorcist, The Caine Mutiny, and Vagabond's House which is a collection of poems by Don Blanding, one of America's most popular poets of the period (1920 & 30's).

I still have a little work to do on the "style" of my booth, but it is coming together. Moving up to the full booth made a huge difference. Next I plan to add a little divider on each side to give a little more visual separation from the other booths, and to provide a little more walls space to hang items on. 

Steampunk Steamer Trunk

Antique Steamer Trunk from Denmark!

Antique Steamer Trunk from Denmark!

In Booth 67 at School Days Antique Mall you will find this very cool antique steamer trunk which originally came from Denmark with my friend's grandparents. It still has the travel stickers from Denmark and Amsterdam! It is in nice vintage condition and has the wardrobe dividers inside. It had been stored in an attic for ages and you'd probably want to air out the interior if you plan to store things in it. Doesn't smell terribly, just like it's been in an attic.

I call it a Steampunk Steamer Trunk because it really has that steampunk feel to it. It has a great patina to it, and the rivets and heavy hardware give this a fantastic Victorian industrial feel to it!

It is a flat topped trunk so it would make a perfect coffee table, and it has a ton of storage inside! I don't have the exact measurements with me as I write this, but it is approximately 36" long, 24" deep, and maybe 30" tall.

Asking $225... get it before it is gone!

The All New Booth 67 Blog

Booth 67 at School Days Antique Mall in Sturtevant, Wisconsin

Booth 67 at School Days Antique Mall in Sturtevant, Wisconsin

I decided to create a separate blog just for my antique booth (Booth 67) at School Days Antique Mall in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. I'll keep you up-to-date when I add new antiques as well as new handmade items.

My booth offers a mix of antiques and my handmade products such as farmhouse style step stools, benches and other furniture, and hand-carved wooden spoons and cutting boards. 

Booth 67 is located on the 2nd floor of School Days Antique Mall, in the far west corner room. School Days is located at 9500 Durand Ave (Hwy 11) in Sturtevant, Wisconsin... just west of Racine, and conveniently located between Milwaukee and Chicago (pretty close to I94 too!) School Days is open 7 days a week and has a great selection of antiques and other items.