Defocused - Issue 2, is now available by Jim Sincock

Defocused photo zine

Defocused No. 2, Industrial Wayside is now available on my Etsy shop. This issue features my photography from a series started over 30 years ago, and seem to continue to this day. If you like industrial decay and abandoned buildings, this photo zine is for you!


It is a 24 page full color 8.5” x 5.5” photo zine. $7.50 with FREE shipping within the United States, or five bucks to ship everywhere else. Such a deal!

On a sort of side note, Defocused zine may become just a personal zine for my art & photography. I started off thinking it would be fun to share and promote the work of other artists, but that ends up being too much work getting people to submit. I just want to have fun with this so I’ll probably keep it a zine of my own art, photos, and wackiness.

Defocused - a Photo/Art Zine by Jim Sincock


I've been feeling like I needed a new creative outlet, so I have started Defocused - a photo/art zine! Since the early 80's I have always loved zines and their funky DIY counterculture statements. I've had my work in zines long ago, but never made any myself... not sure why. (Although I did Rotating Fez Press with a friend where we published chapbooks of our fiction.) I was recently re-inspired on a trip to Iowa City (of all places!) where I saw a small Dada exhibit of printed works, as well as some cool shops in town with zines. 

Defocused will be a 5.5" x 8."5 size, printed in color (quality color copies to begin with), and will feature work from a few different hand picked artists each issue. I hope to offer two versions: just the zine for an reasonable price, and the zine plus a small print for a little bit more. The print sales will go directly to the artist whose print is sold.

At this time I'm hand picking who will be in each issue and it will not be open for submissions. 

I'm shooting for the first edition to be out this fall, perhaps late September or October.

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