Retro Cookbook on Etsy


It all started when...

I opened my Retro Cookbook Vintage Goods shop on Etsy back in 2009. At first I was selling duplicate vintage cookbooks from my collection, then I added other vintage items from my collection which I was ready to part with. At some point while "picking" for myself I saw things that were cool yet not quite right for my collection, so I bought them to share with my Etsy customers.

In 2016 I acquired a lot of antique items from an old friend's parents. That renewed the antique selling passion in me... I began selling much more on Etsy, and I got an antique booth at School Days Antique Mall so I could sell the larger items which are hard to ship.

So Retro Cookbook Vintage Goods Etsy shop grew to be more than just vintage cookbooks and I'll be keeping that name for the online sales. My local & in-person antique business will be going under the name Interrobang Vintage since I will have a wider range of antiques than just cookbook. (I don't want to change the Etsy shop name since I already have a strong following with great reviews.)

My Etsy shop is at:

And my antique booth is Booth 67 at School Days Antique Mall, 9500 Durand Ave, Sturtevant, WI... just west of Racine, and conveniently located in between Milwaukee & Chicago near I94.