Still Life in the Studio by Jim Sincock


I’m all settled in the home studio and I am loving it! It is so nice to walk out our back door, smell the flowers, hear the birds, and step into my studio. Short and beautiful commute! I do miss my darkroom, but I’m sure I’ll at least make a small darkroom for developing film here at our house. Heck, I had that in my studio shed back in Denver, so I can do it here too.

The home studio has nice natural light with north and east facing windows and allows me to work on small still life photos without having to setup studio lighting. The birdhouse in the photo above was found in our woods this Spring. I’m not sure how I missed it the several years we’ve lived here, but I think the previous owner made it and it must have fallen out of a tree. I love the textures and the rusty nails.


I’ve rarely done color still life over the past two decades, but I am enjoying the subtle colors in these new works.

Time for a Change by Jim Sincock

View from the home studio

View from the home studio

This April would have started my sixth year at 16th Street Studios, but I’ve decided to make a change. When I first got my studio Jessica & I had recently moved back to Wisconsin and were living in a small house with no room for a studio. I was happy to find the Racine Business Center and 16th Street Studios and made that my creative home for five years. I produced some great work for my fellowship exhibition for Racine Art Museum, and my antique hobby grew into a business within my studio. Most of all, I’ve met some great artists and lovers of art over those years! A big thanks to all who have purchased my art!

The thing about being a landscape photographer is that you don’t need a big 1250 s.f. studio to do your work. In fact, having a space like that makes you feel like you need to be there to justify having it, but then you aren’t out in nature photographing! Having the full darkroom is nice, but not completely necessary, especially now that my color work is gathering more interest than the black & white.

A year after getting the studio at 16th Street, Jessica & I found a great house on a couple acres which feels like our own little nature preserve. The previous owners had added a private studio addition with a great view out over the gardens, our pond, and the woodland. What more could a landscape photographer ask for?!

So the time has come to get rid of the big studio, spend more time in nature photographing, and to work on my images from a studio space close to nature and even closer to home!

While I won’t be at the Open Studio Tours, you can still order prints from me, or Olson Larsen Galleries who represent my color pictorialist work.

Winter Update by Jim Sincock


This bizarre winter weather in Wisconsin has at least given me time to update my galleries on this site. I’ve added new images to the Pictorialism gallery, and have more to add.

Moons pass without a single glance by Jim Sincock


“Moons pass without a single glance” is a quick still life I shot the other day while in my studio. I often use my iPhone as a “sketchbook” to check my still life ideas before setting up the 4x5 or 8x10 camera to shoot film, paper negatives, or wet plate collodion.

I’d like to think I will turn this concept into a series of images, but it seems most of my time in the studio has been spent on non-photo or art work. After quitting the art fairs I ramped up my antique sales through my Relic Antique & Vintage business, perhaps trading hobbies. And more recently, my wife & I have been working on a business plan for a medicinal herb farm which we’ve wanted to start for far too many years now.

I am constantly photographing, but it sometimes feels like if I am not working a “serious” photo project I start feeling like I’m not doing photography at all. I think that mentality came along when I became a working artist and doing exhibits and art festivals. Sometimes that mindset can get in the way of creativity and change the flow. For 2019 I hope to change that a bit and allow myself creative freedom without the constraint of feeling like I need to produce work for others.

Back to the photo above, and the title “Moons pass without a single glance.” That line is a from a poem of mine and it popped into my head as I was looking at my 8x10 camera in my studio. I had taken the photo in a sort of stream of consciousness way that I do some of my still lives, and the line from the poem arose in my mind after taking the photo. Perhaps a series for myself will come of this.

New Work by Jim Sincock


Before the snow and deep freeze hit, I was out photographing at the Nicholson Wildlife Refuge in Caledonia, Wisconsin. The unusual amounts of rain we had over the summer, and through the fall, really changed the landscape there. The water in this scene had been an old road grade which was part of the hiking trail in past years. This year it seems it is more of a canoe trail!

Since moving back to Wisconsin five years ago, I have watched certain areas turn into wetlands, and in the case I watched the existing wetland expand.

I am pleased with the way this image turned out, especially once I worked my contemporary Pictorialism magic on it.

Open House News by Jim Sincock

Since I first got my studio at 16th Street Studios in early 2014, I have had my studio open during the Get Behind the Arts tour in the Spring, and for the 16th Street Studios Holiday Open House, but this year I will be out of town for the holiday open house. Sorry, I’ll miss you all! It is always such a fun event.

Feel free to contact me to make an appointment to see my work in person, or you can order prints of my color work from Olson-Larson Galleries.

New Gallery Representation by Jim Sincock


I am excited to announce that I am now represented by Olson-Larsen Galleries in West Des Moines, Iowa! Prints of my contemporary Pictorialist style are now available through the gallery.

The gallery approached me to be in their Photo-Sensitive photography exhibit this summer and my work was well received. I am excited to be represented by them, and happy to have some of my work in the University of Iowa Hospitals Project Art collection.

OLSON-LARSEN GALLERIES is a contemporary gallery representing over 60 of the finest artists in the Midwest. Located in Historic Valley Junction in West Des Moines, Iowa, Olson-Larsen fulfills its commitment to original art through exhibitions and support services for clients ranging from individuals to corporations.

Site Update by Jim Sincock


I’m in the process of updating Interrobang :: Jim Sincock Art + Photo with a new design and new photo galleries. If you caught me in the middle of the update you may not find a lot of photos in the galleries, so be sure to check back. For now, just click on Projects in the menu to see the galleries.

Secret Paths by Jim Sincock


I love waking up to a nice sunrise, but sometimes I enjoy a foggy morning even more. Earlier this week we had a nice foggy morning and I grabbed my camera gear and headed out to River Bend Nature Center in Racine. I managed to photograph for over an hour before the sun broke through the fog and before the mosquitoes came out in force.

This image is perhaps still a work in progress since I am still working on getting the right feel. I’m using my Pictorialist style on the image to further enhance the dream-like feel I felt while out photographing that morning.

Signs of Man in the Wilderness by Jim Sincock


I usually prefer my time in nature to be more of a wilderness experience, free of the sights and sounds of man. Yet there are times I do enjoy decaying manmade structures being taken over by nature.

I found the remnants of this old factory along the Ice Age Trail in Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest. It even has some fairly creative graffiti art on it which I enjoyed.