New Gallery Representation by Jim Sincock


I am excited to announce that I am now represented by Olson-Larsen Galleries in West Des Moines, Iowa! Prints of my contemporary Pictorialist style are now available through the gallery.

The gallery approached me to be in their Photo-Sensitive photography exhibit this summer and my work was well received. I am excited to be represented by them, and happy to have some of my work in the University of Iowa Hospitals Project Art collection.

OLSON-LARSEN GALLERIES is a contemporary gallery representing over 60 of the finest artists in the Midwest. Located in Historic Valley Junction in West Des Moines, Iowa, Olson-Larsen fulfills its commitment to original art through exhibitions and support services for clients ranging from individuals to corporations.

Site Update by Jim Sincock


I’m in the process of updating Interrobang :: Jim Sincock Art + Photo with a new design and new photo galleries. If you caught me in the middle of the update you may not find a lot of photos in the galleries, so be sure to check back. For now, just click on Projects in the menu to see the galleries.

Secret Paths by Jim Sincock


I love waking up to a nice sunrise, but sometimes I enjoy a foggy morning even more. Earlier this week we had a nice foggy morning and I grabbed my camera gear and headed out to River Bend Nature Center in Racine. I managed to photograph for over an hour before the sun broke through the fog and before the mosquitoes came out in force.

This image is perhaps still a work in progress since I am still working on getting the right feel. I’m using my Pictorialist style on the image to further enhance the dream-like feel I felt while out photographing that morning.

Signs of Man in the Wilderness by Jim Sincock


I usually prefer my time in nature to be more of a wilderness experience, free of the sights and sounds of man. Yet there are times I do enjoy decaying manmade structures being taken over by nature.

I found the remnants of this old factory along the Ice Age Trail in Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest. It even has some fairly creative graffiti art on it which I enjoyed.

Consolidating Websites by Jim Sincock


I have decided to return to the simplicity of one website for my photography and art, and have chosen to be the main one.

When I started selling my photography at art festivals I had decided to set up as my main image catalog for print sales, and none of my other art. Since I am no longer doing art festivals I wanted to consolidate all of my photography and art onto one website again. Interrobang has been my longest running website (since 1996) and its is once again the site for all of my art.

Winter's Remnants by Jim Sincock


I enjoy early Spring in our woods which have a monotone color scheme with little pops of color. Plant matter returning to the Earth, building soil to nourish future plants.

Many of these images could fall into a series I began when I still lived in Colorado which was called Nature's Decay. That series began using large format black & white film, yet these digital color pieces also draw me in. The muted colors tell the story differently than the story would be told in black and white. Perhaps I'll continue with that series.

Paper Negative Still Life by Jim Sincock


I have been enjoying using paper negatives for some of the recent still life work I've been doing in my studio. They offer an interesting feel to the image, and they are a fairly quick way to take an image. I can be working on my antique business, take a short break to set up a photo, develop it in the darkroom, and get back to the antiques. It is a fun way to work!

Antique Bottle Collection Photo Series by Jim Sincock

Most who have been following my work for a long time have seen bottles from my antique bottle collection make it into my various still life photo series. My collection is fairly modest and most bottles were picked based on how they might look in one of my photographs, or the quality of light the give when I shine a studio spotlight through them. 

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