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A Deeper Sense of Seeing


Creative inspiration for me often comes from being in the wild, and fully experiencing the elements and the landscape. I took this photograph on a backpacking trip in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area in Colorado. We had just set up camp at around 11,000 feet as an intense thunderstorm rolled in.

Wind and rain pummeled our tent for 30 minutes or more, and then tapered off to nothing. We crawled out of the tent to find the darkness parting to allow the late afternoon rays of sun shine on the mountains around us. We were all in awe of the landscape around us, and the intense storm we experienced. Each of us silently wandered off in our own directions. Photographing this beautiful scenery was more like a meditation for me.

Fully experiencing the landscape around me allows me a deeper sense of seeing. It deepens my connection with the landscape, and makes me feel more a part of it, rather than an outsider looking in.

When I’m backpacking, that is my home. There is no rush to get somewhere else. No need to rush back to the car when the weather turns bad. No reason to miss out on the raw intensity of nature. I’m forced to relax. To be present in that environment. To quiet my mind of the random thoughts, worries, & desires. And to see the landscape in a way without preconceived notions of how landscape photography should look.

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