Handmade Live Edge & Whole Board Cutting Boards

My cutting and serving boards are handmade using whole boards or live edge wood sourced from local sawmills. Live edge wood brings a natural look to your kitchen or table. Using whole boards offers a cutting board free of glue and joints which sometimes fall apart over time. 

My board designs are often inspired by the flow of the wood grain and each design is unique. Once I decide on the design, I shape the board with hand tools such as saws, drawknives, and carving knives. I then sand each board with four different grits of sandpaper. Before the final sanding I soak the board with water several times to raise the grain, and then sand some more once dried until I get a smooth surface.

I pre-condition my cutting and serving boards with a food safe board oil This helps protect the surface and brings out the richness of the wood. Some boards in stock used a high quality beeswax and food safe mineral oil blend. 

Starting mid-October 2016 I am switching to my own recipe using beeswax and organic flax seed oil. I prefer natural and organic and want to offer that to my customers as well.

I have customers with food or chemical sensitivities who request custom cutting boards which which have no oil finish, and they finish the boards themselves with oils that work for their needs.  If you need a custom board like this, contact me for details.

Not seeing the board you want in my shop? I'm happy to make custom boards to fit your needs! Click the contact button in the upper right corner and let me know what you are looking for!