Antiques in Racine, Wisconsin

I've been collecting vintage goodies for my "decor" and photo props for decades now. Then, when I get too much stuff, I would resell it on my Etsy shop, RetroCookbook  which I've done since 2009.

Fast forward to my art studio in Racine. When I first got my studio I had the gallery set up with my art, and had shelves with my vintage photo prop goodies to give it a more arty & eclectic feel. An insane number of people asked if that stuff was for sale, which it wasn't.  Even after moving that stuff to the work area of my studio, year after year people asked if my vintage stuff was for sale (like they were missing that my art & photography was my product!)

For 2016 I finally decided to sell my vintages goods from my studio. It was obvious that most of the people coming through the Racine Business Center were more interested in antiques than art, so why not make a mini antique store in my studio here in Racine? 

Aside from black & white photography and handcrafted cutting boards and farmhouse furniture, you can find a nice selection of antiques from my studio & shop in Racine, Wisconsin. My antiques include a large number of very nice pieces from my friend's parents home—which includes furniture, steamer trunks, soda fountain glassware, fancy china, an incredible handmade dollhouse from 1936, and tons of other great antique items. I also am selling a selection of items from a fellow photographer in Madison who is also thinning out his collection. We have over 350 items for sale in the studio, and I add more to my Etsy shop each week. (They sell fast on Etsy so if you see something you like, get it before it is gone!)

So if you are in or near Racine, Wisconsin, stop by my studio in the Racine Business Center at 1405 16th Street.  I'm on the 2nd floor just down the hall from the passenger elevator, Suite 2040. I'm open Thursday's from 10am - 2pm, or by appointment.