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The Return of Interrobang‽

It is official, I've returned to the original concept I had for Interrobang when I first created it way back around 1996. One site which showcases all of my creative works—art, photography, and more recently my woodworking.

When I began Interrobang back in the heydays of HTML and Flash, it was a site for my photography and art. Over the years the site showcased my various types of photography: landscape, commercial work, surreal photo illustration work, paintings, etc. At one point I even began a collaborative with photo artist friends Rocky Tidd and Tod Kapke. 

As I begun doing art festivals and getting in more gallery exhibits, I felt the need to create a brand under my own name and in 2014 I moved my photography to Interrobang went dormant for a couple years until I reopened it in the Spring of 2016 as a site and online store for my woodworking. 

Interrobang always shared a mix of my creative work and I have decided to return to that concept. At my studio I always find that there is crossover of interest in all of my work. Someone may come in to look at my photography, but ends up buying a handmade cutting board. Some see my woodworking and end up buying a photograph.

With all of my work here on Interrobang, it makes it easier for you to see all of my work. Plus having one site allows me to spend more time creating, and less time updating and maintaining websites!

If you are interested in my work, feel free to use the contact page to get in touch, or stop in my studio if you happen to be passing through Racine, Wisconsin.