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Spoon Carving on a Autumn Day

It has been a busy Fall getting the gardens cleaned up, completing cold frames to extend the growing season, working on my photography, making step stools, cutting boards and other wooden items for customers, shipping antique, getting the house ready for winter, and building a new website for a client. (I there are probably a half dozen more things to add to that list.)

This weekend I finally made time to sit and carve a new spoon. It is odd that I also seem to need to make time to meditate, and spoon carving is almost like a meditation of sorts. Why is it that we need to make time for things which fulfill us the most? Doesn't really make sense now does it?!

Anyhow, it was a beautiful warm Autumn day and I pulled up a chair outside my home studio and carved a spoon. Simplicity. Beauty. Something a Zen hermit would write a Koan about. 

I love all the woodworking projects I create, but something about spoon carving is different. Maybe because it is more freeform and not following rigid measurements or design. Maybe because it is creating one of the most basic tools we use every day. Or on a deeper level maybe is represents the shedding away of what is not needed, leaving only what is needed. Perhaps it is just as simple as finding a spoon hidden in a block of wood! Whatever it is, the process of carving a spoon is growing on me and I look forward to making many more.