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New Abstract Work

It has been almost one year since I started my abstract mixed media - collage - assemblage series, and today was a very productive and creative day for adding to that series. I'm pretty happy with my progression in this series since I'm finally working my photography into the pieces.  (Thanks to my wife Jessica, and fellow artist Maureen Fritchen for prodding me in that direction!)

Today's creative session in my studio also had a cathartic moment. I pulled a matted print apart and cut it up to use a small part of the image in one of my abstracts. I say a cathartic moment because it was a matted print I've had for sale for years now. A beautiful image, one that was part of my art fair inventory that no one ever bought. It can be rough to create images you really feel are very good and then no one buys them. Something about chopping this one to bits seems to have freed something in me tho! 

Here are six new pieces of my abstract art. The media varies a little from each one, but generally consist of: cardboard, house paint, old paper, graphite, chalk, India ink, walnut ink, watercolor, asphaltum (tar), photographs (silver gelatin prints, cyanotypes, argyrotypes, and paper negatives), plant materials.