Handmade Farmhouse Style Step Stools

Farmhouse style step stools have become one of my best selling woodworking products. It is a classic design which fits in with many styles of home decor, and they are very functional.

cut nails

My step stools are made from solid pine board (no plywood or pressed board), and using non-toxic, no VOC, all natural milk paint. The stools are assembled with both a non-toxic wood glue as well as authentic cut nails. Cut nails are a historic nails design which has a wedge shape as opposed to the standard wire nail shape we are most familiar with. The wedge shape of the cut nail offers better holding strength, and combined with quality wood glue it produces a very solid joint.

farmhouse step stools

Milk paint is made of simple natural ingredients: milk casein, lime, pigments, and chalk. I also use all natural tung oil as a finish over the milk paint. This provides some water resistance and durability. The oil deepens the color a bit, and makes the finish a bit less "chalky" looking. I add a little 100% citrus thinner to my tung oil which helps the oil to penetrate better, and improves drying time. The citrus thinner has no chemicals added, and is all natural. If you buy one of my pieces and it smells like oranges at first, this is why!

While I do use some power tools in my work, I really enjoy using old fashioned hand tools. Every step stool I make has been made with the help of hand tools such as: handsaws, hand planes, hand drills, and of course hammers. All of this is a meaningful part of my process and separates my products from those who mass produce similar products. It may sound corny to say that a lot of love goes into each product I make, but it really does. 

I love making the products I make and I'm honored to share them with my customers!