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Refining Visions

I feel that life is about refining your visions, learning, growing and generally moving forward instead of staying stuck or moving backward. What works for you, and what doesn't? With the things that do work for you, how do they work with people and things around you?

This website of mine is a great example of refining my visions as it has changed and evolved constantly over the twenty years I've had it. My photography and art has also changed and evolved and improved over the thirty or so years that I've been doing it.

As I refine my visions of my direction with photography I keep seeing how much I am fulfilled by doing landscape photography. I'm happier when I spend more time nature as opposed to in the studio or at the computer. There is a deeper connection I feel out in nature and it seems important to nurture that connection.

Feel free to follow my journey as I refine my vision and explore.