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Foggy Woods and Muddy Mountain Bike

A few days of warmer weather and rain melted much of the snow we had and I was itching to ride my mountain bike. The warmer temps and rain over night brought in a nice heavy fog this morning and the woods were looking rather photogenic so I headed out with camera, and bike.

Nearby mountain bike trails don't seem to exist near my home, so I loaded my bike into my truck and headed down to Petrifying Springs Park in Kenosha County. I figured if the single track was too muddy or icy, I'd just ride the wood chipped paths or the paved path.

Starting on the wood chipped path, I saw that the single track was fairly clear of snow and looked like it had seen a recent rider so I went for it. The new Kenda Nevegal 2.5" tires grabbed well on the snowy or frozen parts, and did well in the mud until I hit the heavier clay which packed them up pretty quickly. I rode a ways until I came to a steeper climb where the tires just lost traction. At that point I decided to bushwhack over to the wood chipped path. A lot of us riders here try to stay off the trails in really muddy conditions so the trails don't get trashed. At least I had the other paths to ride and was able to get some distance in.

And in between the riding I took a few photos in the foggy woodland. It was nice to get out and ride, especially since the single digit temps return tomorrow.


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