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Intro to Large Format Photography Workshop

black and white landscape photography

Large format cameras have long been the standard for serious photographers. Think back to the iconic photos of Ansel Adams or Edward Weston posed with their large format cameras in the grand landscape.  Even in this world of digital photography, large format film offers something more than the best digital can offer.

This workshop will be great for anyone wishing to learn how to use a large format camera such as a 4x5 view camera using traditional black & white film. It will also be a great introduction to large format landscape photography.

In this Photo Workshop you will learn:

  • The various parts of a large format camera and lens, and how to use them. 
  • How to load sheet film holders using paper negatives
  • How to meter your scene to determine exposure.
  • How to develop the paper negatives. 
  • Basics on evaluating exposure (on paper negatives)
  • Basics of landscape photography
  • Discussion on image composition

Paper negatives are a great way to learn large format since the paper can be handled under a safelight, whereas traditional film must be handled in total darkness. Working under a safelight will make it easier to learn to load film holders, and to see the negative during devloping.

Jim shooting 4x5 tintypes on Mount Evans in Colorado. Photo by  German Murillo

Jim shooting 4x5 tintypes on Mount Evans in Colorado. Photo by German Murillo

On Friday evening, April 28th, we will meet as a group to learn the basics and load film holders. We will then meet up Saturday morning on location to spend part of the day photographing in the field, and then return to my studio to develop paper negatives, which will be followed by a critique and question & answer time. 

Each person will leave with their own paper negatives and I will also provide a high resolution scan of each negative. 

Dates & Times: April 28-29, 2017
Friday April 28 - 5-8pm (at my studio)
Saturday April 29 - 8-4pm

Location: Racine, Wisconsin - conveniently located between Milwaukee and Chicago 

Price: $250 - limited to 5 students  (price includes materials)
Deposit to reserve your space is $125

Requirements: My workshops are for adults who have a working understanding of their cameras and understand how to use their cameras in Manual mode. If you have any questions before signing up, feel free to contact me!

I will have several 4x5 cameras and tripods we will be using, and enough film holders for everyone. Depending on the number of students we may share some cameras, but everyone will have a chance to take several photos.