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Site Update for Jim Sincock Photography

It seems like I'm always updating my websites, doesn't it? Well I have done it once again, this time updating to have a similar look as Interrobang, and to have easier online print ordering. That site will eventually have my full collection of landscape and industrial landscape images which will be available for purchase as open edition prints on various print materials. Many images will also be available for stock licensing, just ask. 

I've also consolidated my blogs and will only have the Journal here on Interrobang. I've added some of the key older posts from my old Jim Sincock Photography site, and will let the rest disappear into the digital ether.

Interrobang will continue to be a mix of all of my photography styles, my abstract art, and the separate section for my antique booth... Booth 67. Interrobang will also offer prints and art for sale but it will exclusively be for one-of-a-kind originals or limited edition prints. 

For the curious tech minded photographers or artists reading this, I am finally doing away with Wordpress and self-hosting altogether. Interrobang is built on Squarespace, and Jim Sincock Photography is built on SmugMug.

Squarespace has been great, easy to use, fairly customizable, excellent tech support, and seems more secure than Wordpress. I was going to move Jim Sincock Photography to Squarespace but their ecommerce options for print sales is not as robust as I need. 

Before choosing SmugMug for Jim Sincock Photography, I had tried several other photography specific platforms which offered print fulfillment. Nothing else seemed to be exactly what I wanted so I dug into SmugMug and thoroughly tested it before making the change. Their customer support has been excellent, far better than any web host I've had over the past 20 years! Site customization is pretty easy once you warp your head around it. Coming from 15+ years of a Wordpress background took some retraining my brain to learn the way SmugMug's design and content works, but I got it pretty quickly and am happy with the platform. The other nice thing is they work with the print lab that I use for my open edition prints and customers can easily order from my site and have the prints shipped directly to them. 

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