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I've added many new images to my print shop on Jim Sincock Photography, and still have many more to add. That site will eventually hold my entire collection of images that will be available as open edition prints. Limited edition or one-of-a-kind prints and art pieces will be available here on Interrobang.

If you've visited this site in the recent past you may recall I also had my antique & vintage business here. I've decided to keep that separate from the art & photography and reformed that business as Relic Antique & Vintage

Antique objects from my collections have long been the subject of my still life photography, and those photographs will continue. Many of my still life images are shot on traditional film, paper negatives, gelatin dry plate, and tintype (wet plate collodion.) My antique bottle photos have been popular at many of the art festivals I've done over the years and I will be offering both open edition prints and unique one-of-a-kind prints of those images soon.

Lastly, art festivals. For 2018 I have decided to stop doing art festivals and will only be selling my prints and art online or through my art studio.