When I say silence, I don’t mean the complete absence of sound, just the absence of the sounds, or noise, of man. For me, silence is a rich symphony of sounds from our natural world. The songs of birds and frogs, wind in the tree tops and trees creaking and squeaking as they are moved by that wind, falling rain, flowing rivers, crashing waterfalls, and all of the other minute sounds one can hear in places where man’s noise is absent.

Perhaps it is odd, me being human and a contributor to noise pollution and more, that I yearn for the absence of the noise of our modern manmade world. Yet I feel it is something we humans need and crave. We are inundated with stimuli and information during most, if not all of our waking lives. We lose ourselves and any hint of our connection in this World, in this Universe.

Stop what you are doing, step outside and just listen. Listen to the sounds around you. Let go of the thoughts and dialog in your head and be present with the sounds around you. In cities the sound of man may seem ever present, yet if you take the time you may find times when all you hear is the natural world. Maybe it only lasts 15 second, but it is there! Sometimes that 15 seconds can feel like 15 minutes of quietness from our modern world. It takes a while to tune into this, but anyone can do it.