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Moons pass without a single glance


“Moons pass without a single glance” is a quick still life I shot the other day while in my studio. I often use my iPhone as a “sketchbook” to check my still life ideas before setting up the 4x5 or 8x10 camera to shoot film, paper negatives, or wet plate collodion.

I’d like to think I will turn this concept into a series of images, but it seems most of my time in the studio has been spent on non-photo or art work. After quitting the art fairs I ramped up my antique sales through my Relic Antique & Vintage business, perhaps trading hobbies. And more recently, my wife & I have been working on a business plan for a medicinal herb farm which we’ve wanted to start for far too many years now.

I am constantly photographing, but it sometimes feels like if I am not working a “serious” photo project I start feeling like I’m not doing photography at all. I think that mentality came along when I became a working artist and doing exhibits and art festivals. Sometimes that mindset can get in the way of creativity and change the flow. For 2019 I hope to change that a bit and allow myself creative freedom without the constraint of feeling like I need to produce work for others.

Back to the photo above, and the title “Moons pass without a single glance.” That line is a from a poem of mine and it popped into my head as I was looking at my 8x10 camera in my studio. I had taken the photo in a sort of stream of consciousness way that I do some of my still lives, and the line from the poem arose in my mind after taking the photo. Perhaps a series for myself will come of this.

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