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View from the home studio

View from the home studio

This April would have started my sixth year at 16th Street Studios, but I’ve decided to make a change. When I first got my studio Jessica & I had recently moved back to Wisconsin and were living in a small house with no room for a studio. I was happy to find the Racine Business Center and 16th Street Studios and made that my creative home for five years. I produced some great work for my fellowship exhibition for Racine Art Museum, and my antique hobby grew into a business within my studio. Most of all, I’ve met some great artists and lovers of art over those years! A big thanks to all who have purchased my art!

The thing about being a landscape photographer is that you don’t need a big 1250 s.f. studio to do your work. In fact, having a space like that makes you feel like you need to be there to justify having it, but then you aren’t out in nature photographing! Having the full darkroom is nice, but not completely necessary, especially now that my color work is gathering more interest than the black & white.

A year after getting the studio at 16th Street, Jessica & I found a great house on a couple acres which feels like our own little nature preserve. The previous owners had added a private studio addition with a great view out over the gardens, our pond, and the woodland. What more could a landscape photographer ask for?!

So the time has come to get rid of the big studio, spend more time in nature photographing, and to work on my images from a studio space close to nature and even closer to home!

While I won’t be at the Open Studio Tours, you can still order prints from me, or Olson Larsen Galleries who represent my color pictorialist work.

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