Color Landscape Gallery Added


Most people know me for my black and white landscape photography, but I've always shot color along the way too. Back in the day I shot a lot of 4x5, 120, and 35mm transparency film, and these days it is digital for my color work.

With my color landscape photography, I am still trying to go for the dream-like, mysterious look that I have in some of my B&W photograph—especially the wet plate collodion work. To get this look and feel I often spend hours in Photoshop working on an image until it fits the vision I had in my mind when I first shot the image. 

I've added a new gallery of this work to my site and plan to offer prints in 2017.

The Best Camera Is....


As the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you. Which was definitely the case today when I decided to take the long way home so I could drive past the lake after being in the the studio all day. 

Have I mentioned that I'm enjoying color photography again? Yes, I am!

Refining Visions

I feel that life is about refining your visions, learning, growing and generally moving forward instead of staying stuck or moving backward. What works for you, and what doesn't? With the things that do work for you, how do they work with people and things around you?

This website of mine is a great example of refining my visions as it has changed and evolved constantly over the twenty years I've had it. My photography and art has also changed and evolved and improved over the thirty or so years that I've been doing it.

As I refine my visions of my direction with photography I keep seeing how much I am fulfilled by doing landscape photography. I'm happier when I spend more time nature as opposed to in the studio or at the computer. There is a deeper connection I feel out in nature and it seems important to nurture that connection.

Feel free to follow my journey as I refine my vision and explore.


New Abstract Work

New Abstract Work

It has been almost one year since I started my abstract mixed media - collage - assemblage series, and today was a very productive and creative day for adding to that series. I'm pretty happy with my progression in this series since I'm finally working my photography into the pieces.  (Thanks to my wife Jessica, and fellow artist Maureen Fritchen for prodding me in that direction!)

A Photographer's Brief Review of Dreamstime Stock

Being an artist isn't an easy way to make a living. Getting a steady paycheck at a regular job is the easier way to go. Artists (whether a photographer, illustrator, designer, painter, etc) have to sell themselves or enlist others to help sell their work. Most commercial artists know about the stock image industry, some have tried it, and some of you may be thinking about trying it.

Spoon Carving on a Autumn Day

Spoon Carving on a Autumn Day

It has been a busy Fall getting the gardens cleaned up, completing cold frames to extend the growing season, working on my photography, making step stools, cutting boards and other wooden items for customers, shipping antique, getting the house ready for winter, and building a new website for a client. (I there are probably a half dozen more things to add to that list.)

Untended Landscapes

Untended Landscapes

The grand landscapes or intimate details of landscapes are often fairly easy to photograph since it is often more obvious how to compose the image. Chaotic views of the landscape tend to be harder to photograph and share their story. A tangled mess of trees and shrubs can be both visually interesting while at the same time visually confusing. When you add black and white to that mix your image may become more abstract and harder to read.