Forever Redesigning Interrobang by Jim Sincock

Perhaps you caught me during mid redesign of Interrobang! I was getting bored with the old look, and decided to start anew with a fresher look with more of a focus on my photography. Anyone who has followed my work and this website for the past two decades will know that I'm often redesigning it.

Right now I'm in the process of trying out a couple new designs to see which works best for my new ideas for the site. If you are checking my site for something specific and don't see it, feel free to contact me, or just check back in a few days.

Photo Workshops Update by Jim Sincock

I'm putting my photo workshops on hold for the time being since my schedule with art festivals is up in the air at the moment. Once I know which art festivals I'll be attending this year I can take another look at offering photo workshops again. 

Refining Dreams by Jim Sincock

As I venture into the world of color I feel it is important to keep my vision of dreams. With my black and white work it often evokes a dream or mysterious quality for viewers. It is always wonderful to hear customers share the stories they get from one of my photographs. Black and white itself separates most of us from reality since most of us see the world around us in color. My work with wet plate collodion, gelatin dry plate, salt prints and cyanotype print take it a step further.

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