Sony a7RII vs. 4x5 Film by Jim Sincock

There is something about using a 4x5 camera and shooting real film that I haven't been able to let go of in this digital world. I've always assumed 4x5 film would be better than any digital that I could afford, just as I assumed traditional silver printing would always be better than inkjet printing. After years of making carbon inkjet prints alongside silver gelatin prints, I found there are times where the digital carbon inkjet print was clearly better than the silver gelatin print I made. So what about my film vs. digital question?

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Studies for Forgotten Memories by Jim Sincock

I've been feeling the need to work on some new image ideas, something different than the same old things I photograph. Since my photos are almost exclusively devoid of people, I've been thinking about working them into a new series. 

Studies for Forgotten Memories isn't necessarily the name of the series, but is perhaps more descriptive of where my ideas are at the moment. 

Anyhow, the above test image was made with a 4x5 camera & antique projection lens, and shot on paper negative.

Forever Redesigning Interrobang by Jim Sincock

Perhaps you caught me during mid redesign of Interrobang! I was getting bored with the old look, and decided to start anew with a fresher look with more of a focus on my photography. Anyone who has followed my work and this website for the past two decades will know that I'm often redesigning it.

Right now I'm in the process of trying out a couple new designs to see which works best for my new ideas for the site. If you are checking my site for something specific and don't see it, feel free to contact me, or just check back in a few days.