Still Life Photography

Still Life in the Studio by Jim Sincock


I’m all settled in the home studio and I am loving it! It is so nice to walk out our back door, smell the flowers, hear the birds, and step into my studio. Short and beautiful commute! I do miss my darkroom, but I’m sure I’ll at least make a small darkroom for developing film here at our house. Heck, I had that in my studio shed back in Denver, so I can do it here too.

The home studio has nice natural light with north and east facing windows and allows me to work on small still life photos without having to setup studio lighting. The birdhouse in the photo above was found in our woods this Spring. I’m not sure how I missed it the several years we’ve lived here, but I think the previous owner made it and it must have fallen out of a tree. I love the textures and the rusty nails.


I’ve rarely done color still life over the past two decades, but I am enjoying the subtle colors in these new works.

Paper Negative Still Life by Jim Sincock


I have been enjoying using paper negatives for some of the recent still life work I've been doing in my studio. They offer an interesting feel to the image, and they are a fairly quick way to take an image. I can be working on my antique business, take a short break to set up a photo, develop it in the darkroom, and get back to the antiques. It is a fun way to work!

Antique Bottle Collection Photo Series by Jim Sincock

Most who have been following my work for a long time have seen bottles from my antique bottle collection make it into my various still life photo series. My collection is fairly modest and most bottles were picked based on how they might look in one of my photographs, or the quality of light the give when I shine a studio spotlight through them. 

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