About Interrobang Vintage


It all started when...

My passion for antique and vintage items began way back in the late 1980's while living in Milwaukee and working as a commercial photographer. At first I began collecting for my own home, and then began collecting antiques as props in my photo shoots. Years later I began collecting vintage cookbooks and even ran a website, Retro Cookbook, where I reviewed a wide range of wacky cookbooks from my collection. 

Around 2008 I realized I had a number of duplicate vintage cookbooks and opened my Retro Cookbook shop on Etsy. The shop began as a store for the duplicate cookbooks, but grew to offer other vintage items from my personal collection. There were times I'd be out looking for items for my collection and would see something cool but not quite my personal style, and in the past I would pass them up. With my Etsy shop I realized someone else might enjoy these cool items I was passing up, so I began buying items to resell. 

When I opened my current art & photo studio in Racine in 2014 I often had visitors who were interested in my curious collection of vintage goodies in the studio. After a couple years of people asking "Is that for sale?" I finally decided it was time to sell a bit more from my personal collection and officially opened Interrobang Vintage in 2016. After adding a large number of antiques from a friend's family estate, I expanded to a booth in School Days Antique Mall to reach a wider audience.

I currently sell antiques from my booth in School Days Antique Mall, a small shop in my art studio, and from my Retro Cookbook Etsy shop. My Etsy shop has a Five Star Rating and some wonderful reviews from customers. It means a lot to me to sell products that my customers will be happy with, and I do my best to provide accurate descriptions and quality product photos. I'm also careful of how things are packaged so that they arrive to my customers safely.

Our antiques and vintage goods are located in Southeast Wisconsin in Racine and Sturtevant, conveniently located between Milwaukee and Chicago.


How to purchase our antiques and vintage goods

Interrobang Vintage currently has three locations where you can see and purchase our antiques and vintage good.


School Days Antique Mall

Interrobang Vintage is located in Booth 67 in the gymnasium at School Days Antique Mall in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Sturtevant is just west of Racine, and is conveniently located between Chicago and Milwaukee just off I-94. Check out their Facebook page for their updates, hours and contact info.

School Days offers a wide range of antiques and vintage goods from over 80 dealers nestled in the four levels of this quaint old school building. A favorite antique store for locals in Racine and Kenosha, and some great deals to be found for Chicago or Milwaukee antique buyers! (Not to mention the occasional rock & roll celebrity sightings!)

School Days Antique Mall
9500 Durand Ave
Sturtevant, WI


Interrobang Vintage in the Studio

I have a selection of antiques and vintage items located in my art & photo studio inside the Racine Business Center and 16th Street Studios. While it is best to contact me to make an appointment, there is a chance that you may catch me there on Tuesday's and Thursday's between 10am - 3pm.

Interrobang Vintage located inside the Racine Business Center
1405 16th Street, Suite 2040 (2nd floor, down the hall from the elevator)
Racine, WI

Tuesday's and Thursday's are a good time to visit the Racine Business Center since several shops are open during the lunch hour at Chez Bob's Cafe. You will find other vintage dealers, a used book store, a soap maker, an art gallery, as well as other art studios.



Retro Cookbook Shop on Etsy

My Retro Cookbook Shop on Etsy offers a wide range of smaller vintage and antique items which are easy to ship anywhere in the country (or almost any where in the world if you'd like.)