New Vintage Goodies for the Booth!

Here are a few of the cool new antique and vintage goodness that I'm adding to my booth at School Days Antique Mall in Sturtevant, Wisconsin! Cool stuff!

vintage tomato carton

Great design & a little grungy, this vintage tomato carton or carrying tote make a great display or storage box!

vintage hand painted metal sign

Private Yardmen Only - super cool and maybe rare vintage hand painted metal sign! I've never seen one before, and you know you want it! Heck, *I* want it!

Hamilton typesetting drawer

I have to say that I LOVE this antique Hamilton type drawer! I have never seen one that fits pencils and other art supplies (they are usually smaller compartments). This piece is great for an artist or anyone else. It is a great storage organizer, awesome patina, and I can only image the amazing history this drawer once held!