Vintage Schwinn Bike, Books, and more

I've added a funky old Schwinn girls bike to my booth at School Days Antique Mall. It appears all original and has a nice patina to it. Fixed up it could make a nice rider, or leave it as is to use it asa piece of decor in a cafe, pub, studio, loft... or find a cool basket for it and stick it in the garden as yard art!

I also brought in a few old hardcover books including a 1st edition of The Exorcist, The Caine Mutiny, and Vagabond's House which is a collection of poems by Don Blanding, one of America's most popular poets of the period (1920 & 30's).

I still have a little work to do on the "style" of my booth, but it is coming together. Moving up to the full booth made a huge difference. Next I plan to add a little divider on each side to give a little more visual separation from the other booths, and to provide a little more walls space to hang items on.