Interrobang features the Art, Photography, and Woodworking of Jim Sincock.




Jim is an award winning landscape and fine art still life photographer. He works with large format film, wet plate collodion, handmade gelatin dry plate negatives, as well as digital photography. 


Jim's art ranges from large conceptual photo encaustic and mixed media pieces, to small abstract mixed media collages. 



Sticking with the handcrafted theme, much of Jim's woodwork projects are made with old fashioned hand tools and natural finishes. From custom solid board cutting boards, to hand carved spoons and utensils, to Shaker and farmhouse furniture.

Traditional Black & White + Color Landscape Photography


I've photographed wild and man-made landscapes across the country since the mid-1980's. I mainly use large format cameras to capture a sense of beauty and solitude which black & white film conveys nicely. My newer color work shares an inspiration with the Pictorialist and American Luminist movements.  My photographic work has been displayed nationally, won several awards, and has been published internationally. 



Creating abstract art to relieve creative blocks


I've always painted on some level. Large mixed media paintings, surreal watercolor, and small abstract mixed media. Sometimes when I'm having a creative block with my photography, creating abstract art helps relieve the block.



A reverence for wood


It seems I've been interested in woodworking ever since I was a kid and watched Roy Underhill on the Woodwright's Shop. Over the decades I always seemed to work with wood in one way or another. More recently I began making more and more things for our own home, and as others saw the pieces they became interested in having me make things for them as well. Some of my current big sellers are live edge and whole board cutting boards, farmhouse style step stools, and Shaker inspired small furniture. Recently hand carving spoons and kitchen utensils has caught my interest, we'll see where it leads!



My woodworking and antiques are available in Booth 67 at School Days Antique Mall, 9500 Durand Ave (Hwy 11) in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Just west of Racine, and conveniently located between Chicago & Milwaukee.