Xerst is an experimental music project founded by Tim Pitschka and Jim Sincock in the mountains of Colorado around 1997. Xerst released three limited edition cassette releases and one CD release which were each elaborately packaged in metal tins. They also created a soundtrack for an experimental short film called Prime Rib.

With the ease of modern recording tools and the ability to easily share files, Tim & Jim plan to start working on new music collaborations later in 2019. Perhaps it will be a rebirth of Xerst!

Xerst recordings include:

100 Years Past - 2000
Prime Rib - Soundtrack 1999 ?
We Have Fallen Silent - various artist compilation 1999
Verdant Little Insect Swarm the Butter Dish - 1998
Experiments in Futility - 1998
Eccentric Ostrich Accent - 1997

Check out the Xerst Bandcamp page to listen to and purchase recordings: